Types of Campaigns

As a business owner, you will definitely want to turn up your online game, and the best way to get it done is through campaigns. A digital marketing campaign is a step-by-step approach, aimed to achieve one’s online marketing goals (increased brand mentions, an increased number of customers, etc.). The right digital campaign is the best strategy you can apply, to keep tabs on the progress of your business and meet your goals; as long as those goals are specific and measurable. Here are three types of digital marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing Campaign

Being helpful in the digital marketing world goes a long way. A content marketing campaign is useful in attracting the right audience, and time may not be of the essence here, because this type of campaign takes a while. What matters the most, is putting useful content in front of your potential clients; the content should help them solve their problems. In the long run, your brand will inevitably build a reputation. You can do the following to leverage your content marketing campaign:

  • Extend your content reach through search engine optimisation
  • Diversify your content portfolio, that is, use different content formats, including images, videos, white papers, and podcasts
  • Use calls to action

Social Media Campaign

Today (as of 2018), social media is part and parcel of life, and for your business to succeed, it may need to go social. Billions of people in the world, millennial or not, utilise social media, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter, to connect with brands and friends. To leverage these social media outlets, you will need to build a strong fan base. If properly applied, this strategy will, no doubt, turn your fans into customers. Remember, customers are the best brand evangelists. To get it right with a social media campaign, you may need to do the following:

  • Use videos and images to sell your brand; customers tend to be driven more by what they see, than what they read
  • Make social media posts on a consistent basis; your clients will want to find a new thing every time they follow you on the platform. This keeps them coming back
  • Be responsive on social media. This involves providing answers and solutions, to their questions and issues respectively, and on time
  • Pay for social advertising. Social media platforms will ensure that your brand is visible if you pay them

Email Campaign

What a great way to reach your prospects and encourage repeat business! Of course, this should be done with their consent. While many people visit social media platforms every day, email checking is even more rooted in our lives. As a marketer, you will definitely want to leverage your email campaigns, to lay a strong foundation for lead generation. Through email campaigns, you will remain relevant in the lives of your existing and potential customers, and with time, you will be able to convert your leads to buyers. To do this right;

  • Engage your customers and leads, with persuasive email texts, without being a bother to them
  • Personalise your email campaign. Referring to your customers by name will definitely take your relationship with them to another level
  • Use both “sales” and educational content. As a general rule, you should not concentrate too much on selling, since customers may think that you’re only interested in their money