Sydney, 6 August 2015

2015 Speakers

David Shing Digital Prophet AOL Billy Sorrentino Creative Director WIRED Graeme Simsion Author - The Rosie Project Andrew Evans Designer IDEO Ian Flanders Documentary Photographer Artist Trina Collins Graphic Designer, Artist Poncho Army Vin Farrell Global Chief Content Officer Havas Worldwide Dr Anne Buist Author - Medea's Curse Kelly Schmutte Lecturer Stanford d.School Tania De Jong AM Founder & CEO Creative Universe John Merrifield Chief Creative Officer Google Louise Tuckwell EXHIBITION Tonee Messiah EXHIBITION Michelle Hanlin EXHIBITION

2015 Program

7:45am - 9:00am

Fairfax Media Free Delegate Breakfast

9:30am - 9:45am

Conference Welcome

Jodie Sangster
Chief Executive Officer, ADMA

9:45am - 10:30am

Billy Sorrentino
Creative Director

Experience more

• Redefining a “magazine”

• Storytelling is an experience

• Design is more than aesthetics

10:30am - 11:15am

Graeme Simsion
Author - The Rosie Project

Dr Anne Buist
Author - Medea's Curse

Novel Ideas

Psychiatry-professor-turned-novelist, Anne Buist and database-designer-turned-novelist Graeme Simsion will describe creativity techniques - soft and hard - that have served them across their old and new vocations including:

  • Where they get their ideas

  • How they develop them

  • How they solve problems.
11:15am - 11:45am

Morning Tea

11:45am - 12:15pm

Vin Farrell
Global Chief Content Officer
Havas Worldwide

Building a Business From the Brand Up

  • Building your social media
  • Building a content strategy 

  • Category disruption
12:15pm - 12:45pm

Ian Flanders
Documentary Photographer

Borderline: Crossing Boundaries in Social Documentary Photography

  • A photography journey - photographing enslaved prostitutes

  • Photographing in difficult and tense situations

  • Presenting the story in a respectful and compassionate manner

  • Choosing to help the women, which lead to their rescue and the prosecution of the traffickers
12:45pm - 1:15pm

Tania De Jong AM
Founder & CEO
Creative Universe

Creativity: The Strategic Tool of the 21st Century

  • Why creativity has become our most endangered species, and why it is more important now than ever before

  • Using neuroscience and your right brain to super-charge your work and life

  • Tools to unlock your individual and organisational creative potential

  • How creativity leads to improved well-being, social inclusion, innovation, leadership, productivity and transformation

  • Unleashing the unique creative voices of your team and your organisation
1:15pm - 2:15pm


2:15pm - 2:45pm

John Merrifield
Chief Creative Officer

Triangle Circle Circle

  • It's hard to end up somewhere different if you always start from the same place.

  • You no longer need beg for forgiveness: you've been given a hall pass to collaborate in all sorts of new and unusual ways.

  • The more counter-intuitive the collaboration, the more memorable the journey.
2:45pm - 3:15pm

Andrew Evans

Designing Wonder: Stealing From Magicians to Inspire Better Design

  • Magicians create impossible moments on a stage, Designers create impossible experiences in the world. With such similar agendas, how can designers learn from thinking like magicians?

  • Wonder starts with user empathy NOT to create seamless, integrated solutions, but rather to achieved non-intuitive, disruptive experiences that fundamentally shift how we perceive the world.

  • Delight trumps efficiency, convenience, and cost.  People are willing to go out of their way to feel a sense of wonder.

  • 3.5 There will be magic. Lot's of it.  And everyone will walk away having learned at least one magic trick!
3:15pm - 3:45pm

Trina Collins
Graphic Designer, Artist
Poncho Army

The Artist Introvert vs The Business Person Extrovert 

  • The introvert - journey and insight into the work of Poncho Army

  • The extrovert - setting up and running a successful creative business

  • Working together - working with the community to bring contemporary art and street art to regional areas 
3:45pm - 4:15pm

Afternoon Tea

4:15pm - 4:50pm

Kelly Schmutte
Stanford d.School

2025 and Beyond: the Future of Higher Education

  • Creative Confidence and Experiential Education at the  Brief introduction of the Stanford, with a focus on our teaching philosophy:  We want to help students (re)discover their identity as creative beings, have confidence in their ability to generate ideas (based on a human-centred process), and instill the courage to actually act on these ideas.

  • Introduce the mission of the @Stanford Project. The landscape of higher education is already changing with the advent of online learning… but what will the value of an in-person, residential, experiential education be? This is the design challenge that a team of designers, students, and faculty pursued for a year.

  • A Tale of 4 Futures. (CAUTION: Time travel involved). Journey to far future and explore 4 different educational models that Stanford explored circa 2025 via recovered artifacts, videos, and stories from students and faculty. Learn the reasons why Stanford felt compelled to act to meet the changing needs of its students and the world. Share excerpts of content from an interactive live exhibit called “Stanford 2025” and also talk about the event as a successful piece of experience design.

  • Interactive design session:  We will do a design activity together that involves reimagining your own college experience, and look at examples of real-life students and other universities that are already living out some of these ideas and are proactively designing their future.
4:50pm - 5:25pm

David Shing
Digital Prophet

Are we all clear?

  • Just when you thought things were crystal clear, the digital landscape starts shifting at such a rate it hard to keep up with it all, let alone understand where it is headed. 
  • Marketers and brands need to understand how to embrace a more humanized experience, where attention is becoming the new currency measured by dwell time and engagement, not click, and where the art of storytelling is less about "telling" more "story". 

  • Transparency is a beautiful and confusing thing, but it can all become crystal clear for those who have the courage to embrace the fine balance of art and science. Jump on this roller coaster for what will certainly be a dynamic, energetic and inspiring presentation.

5:25pm - 5:30pm

Conference Wrap Up 




Creative Fuel Pop-up Gallery

Once again Creative Fuel will showcase a Pop-up art gallery alongside the conference program for attendees to explore, mingle and discover some of the fantastic artists exhibiting for the day. 

Delegates can visit the Creative Fuel Pop-Up Exhibition featuring the work of Gallery 9 Artists Suzie Idiens, Tonee Messiah and Louise Tuckwell.

The gallery will also feature photos by speaker Ian Flanders who was voted one of Australian Photography’s Top Emerging Photographers in 2014 (winner of the documentary photojournalism award) and works by Trina Collins, who was voted one of the top 10 street artists in Australia by Arts Hub in 2012.

Fuel Sessions

Get a taste for the themes, topics and trends that will be presented at Creative Fuel on August 6, 2015. 

David Shing reveals how to foster creativity in groups

AOL's Digital Prophet David Shing talks about fostering creativity in groups

Fuel Session with David Sable, Global CEO, Y&R

David talks on the importance of simplicity, storytelling and the transparent use of technology in this year's Cannes Lions Awards.

Fuel Session with Paul Middleditch - Director, Plaza Films

A thought-provoking interview with Australia's most awarded commercials director.

Watch Paul talks about his native New Zealand's influence on his career, how he made the transition from videos to commercials to feature films and back again, the importance of collaboration and the future of creativity. 

Webinar: Neuroeconomist Paul Zak & Innocean's Uwe Gutschow

Can we love brands? Does a single, ancient, neurochemical called oxytocin have a role to play in making us love ads? Uwe Gutschow,  Innocean USA's VP of Digital Strategy and Engagement, will explore these areas with world-renowned neuroeconomist Professor Paul Zak.

If you missed the live webinar don't worry, check out the playback now.

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